Message from the Internet: Don’t have a famous name

Instagram came under fire this week when the popular photo-sharing website took an existing account and gave it to a player for the Spanish national football team. Andrés Iniesta, a designer living near Madrid, Spain, described himself as “a father who likes to take pictures of his kids, yummy food…

Comcast service van

XFinity and Beyond: Here’s how to nix Comcast from your monthly budget

Why is Comcast so terrible? Earlier this month, CityExplainer published a blog post mapping over 2,000 complaints filed against Comcast with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The full report, available in PDF and Google Spreadsheet form on CityExplainer’s website, presumably constitutes the majority of FCC complaints filed against the Internet…


Apple Music: To pay or not to pay?

At the beginning of the summer, Apple threw everyone with a bone and let them give a try to its new music streaming service, Apple Music. Featuring free access to iTunes Match, the new Beats 1 radio station and a completely redesigned user interface, Apple Music took the stage with…



Tesla and Apple are making electric cars cool

Long considered the geeky preserve of Lisa Simpson and the butt of South Park jokes, electric cars are enjoying a jolt of coverage in mainstream culture. At the very top of the spectrum, companies like Tesla Motors and (it’s so, so close to being official) Apple are causing a splash…

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HackNet, Real Fake Hacking

HackNet, Real Fake Hacking

HackNet, an immersive gaming experience that delves into the life of a notorious hacker who has gone missing. Your job, as a young and moderately new hacker, is to find our rogue hero. Described as “diving down a rabbit hole”, the user (thats you) will use old school command prompts…

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Cell Phones


Sony Unveils New, Heavy-Duty Camera Phones

One of the technology spaces where Sony still reigns supreme is in their camera technology. In fact, the company caused quite a stir lately when they announced the camera specs on their newest smartphones: the Xperia C5 Ultra, and the Xperia M5. The two phones, clearly designed with photographers in…

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Windows 10

Windows 10: What’s The Scoop On Microsoft’s New Operating System?

Windows 10 took just one day before it had been downloaded onto 14 million machines around the world, according to a recent blog post by Microsoft. Key features for Microsoft’s new operating system include digital assistant and Siri rival Cortana, a replacement for Internet Explorer and, of course, the return…

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